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6 things we can guarantee at our Yule Ball (and 6 things we cannot)

If you’ve read or seen Harry Potter then yule know what a Yule Ball entails. We’re throwing our own Yule Ball on December 10th from 5:30pm-8:00pm. There will be snacks, games, music, and other magical festivities!

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Register here! All ages 8+ welcome!

Here’s a list of things we CAN and CANNOT guarantee at our Yule Ball.

  1. We CAN guarantee fancy outfits! Come dressed to the nines!
The Yule Ball | Harry potter gif, Hermione granger, Harry ...

We CANNOT guarantee that all of them will be fashion forward.

lijahsgirl_ — Ron Weasley Imagine - The Yule Ball

2. We can guarantee winter décor! Lights, snow, action!

Harry Potter Yule Ball GIFs | Tenor

We cannot guarantee that it will actually be snowing.

Wisconsin weather is weird.

3. We CAN guarantee live music!

Latest Yule Ball GIFs | Gfycat

The wizard rock lead Tonks and the Auror’s will be attending!

We CANNOT, however, guarantee crowd surfing.

(In fact, we’re gonna outright say that’s not happening.)

Harry Potter + dance

4. We can guarantee dancing!

Neville Longbottom GIF - Neville Longbottom GIFs
TEARS OF A PHOENIX → FRED WEASLEY - the yule ball - Wattpad

We CANNOT guarantee that it won’t be awkward.

Weasley And Mcgonagall Dance GIF - Harry Potter Ron Weasley ...

5. We can guarantee snacks!

Wicked. — Honeydukes // “There were shelves upon shelves of...

We cannot guarantee that they won’t be stolen by a kid in an invisibility cloak.

10 Worst Things Harry Potter Has Ever Done – Page 8

6. We can guarantee a good time!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Book vs. Movie – My Tiny Obsessions
A better time than these guys, anyway.

We CANNOT guarantee that Draco Malfoy will be in attendance, sorry.

Or you’re welcome, depending.

Dramione - The Yule Ball Exerpt | Harry Potter Roleplay Amino! Amino

If you’re a fan of winter, magic, and music, come celebrate the yuletide at our Yule Ball! Registration is open!