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In Defense of Horror Films

Horror: it is a genre much bemoaned by the critics and some people only consider it in the realm for...
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Comics Aren’t Just for Kids: Adult Graphic Novels And You!

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Reader’s Advisory: Choosing Books for a Book Discussion

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Top Circulations of 2022!

Another great year of reading, watching, and learning at the Germantown Community Library! Did you read any of the top...
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Reader’s Advisory

Are you looking to read more, read “better”, or read something “different”? Do you ever feel clueless when you’re trying...
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Of all the months, December is probably the one with the most traditions. One you may not have heard of...
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6 things we can guarantee at our Yule Ball (and 6 things we cannot)

If you've read or seen Harry Potter then yule know what a Yule Ball entails. We're throwing our own Yule...
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Staff Favorites!

Our library staff loves reading just as much as you do! Check out our brochure to see what our staff's...
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Ingoing Freshman: Here are some Non-Fiction Books you might actually love!

The 2022-23 school is year just around the corner, which means time to fit in that summer homework. Non-Fiction gets...
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Germantown Community Library Launches ‘The Enchanted Library’

(Germantown, Wisconsin) The community has always been a huge part of library services at the Germantown Community Library.  For years, the...
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A Case for Dungeons and Dragons: the Fun, the Friends, and the Fantasy

When I'm not working at the library, I'm a college student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. There, I also run...
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Top Items Checked Out in 2021

Check out the top items that were checked out from the Germantown Communitiy Library in 2021!
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Top Items Checked Out in 2021
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2021’s Most Popular YA

This year has been really fun when it comes to Young Adult fiction! With a ton of new releases and...
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Library Staff Recommends Young Adult Fiction/Graphic Novels

Our staff loves reading YA, especially graphic novels. From fantasy to sports to superheroes to high school struggles, our Young...
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Library Staff Recommends Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction

Check out some library staff recommendations for adult fiction and non-fiction! We've got so many staff members with diverse interests...
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To present residents with a balanced budget for 2024, the Village of Germantown is facing Village-wide cuts of over 1.1 million dollars. These have been very difficult decisions for the Village Administration & Finance department as well as each of the Village departments. As part of this process, the Germantown Community Library has been instructed to create a plan that includes $100,000 of potential cuts from the 2024 library budget.

Presented Budget in Order to Keep the Same Levels of Services: $1,088,000
Budget with Cuts: $988,000
• Village Funding: $628,000
• County Funding: $350,000
• Library Revenue (Fines & Fees): $10,000

These cuts will impact the Germantown Community Library’s ability to serve the residents of the Village of Germantown and surrounding communities in several ways:
• 12% Reduction in Hours
• 12% Reduction in New Material Ordered
• 30% Reduction in Programs
• Reduction in Other Services Including Part-time Staff, Marketing, Supplies & Staff Development

Regardless of the outcomes of the 2024 budget, the Germantown Community Library will continue to work to provide material, programs and services to community members to the best of our ability. As always, we appreciate your continued support of the library. Below is information on how residents can stay informed and get involved in the 2024 budget process.

Information on the 2024 Budget can be found on the Village website: https://www.germantownwi.gov/185/Budget-Financial-Information

Upcoming Village Board Meetings @ Village Hall
• Tuesday, September 26 @ 6:30pm – Committee of the Whole (Public Safety)
• Tuesday, October 17 @ 6:30pm – Committee of the Whole (Public Works & Library)
• Tuesday, October 24 @ 6:30pm – Committee of the Whole (All Other Budgets)
• Wednesday, October 25 @ 6:30pm – Committee of the Whole (Wrap Up)
• Monday, November 20 @ 7:00pm – Public Hearing on 2024 Budget & Budget Adoption

Upcoming Town Hall Meetings & Village Hall
• Tuesday, September 26 @ 5:30pm
• Tuesday October 10 @ 6:30pm
• Tuesday, October 24 @ 9:00am

Upcoming Library Board Meetings @ Germantown Germantown Community Library
• Wednesday, September 26 @ 6pm
• Wednesday, October 18 @ 6pm
• Wednesday, November 15 @ 6pm

Trisha Smith
Library Director
(262) 253-7760 / smithp@germantownlibrarywi.org